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When You Need a Carving to be Bigger and Better!

When You Need a Carving to be Bigger and Better!

White River has a wide selection of stock carvings. For most projects, we can find a stock product that works. But sometimes what we have is close, but not close enough. That is where custom products can be a perfect option.


For this project, our customer loved our Large Acanthus Finial CRV5536, but needed it to be both wider and taller. They were also looking for a full-round, instead of our half round.

We increased the finial from our standard dimension of 4 ¼”h x 2 3/8”w up to a more impressive 8”h x 6”w. These dimensions are a different proportion, being wider than the stock part. This meant that the piece could not just be scaled up. It needed to be actively tweaked to fit the new shape.

The order was for 28 units in Maple, creating an impressive set when laid out on the table.

The end result is a beautiful product that emulates the stock product, but is its own object. Have a similar need? Call White River for your custom needs.

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