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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a catalog?

You can order our comprehensive catalog — Volume 16  — through our secure 24-hour website for FREE  or by contacting White River Sales Support at 800-558-0119. 

Where can I get samples?

  • 4" moulding samples - Mon Reale® Ornamentally Embossed, Traditional - are available on a "per job" basis from a White River™ Representative.
  • Sample requests up to 10 pieces are shipped free of charge. Please speak to White River Sales Support about any large sample requests.
  • Authentic Handcarved™ and Adornments™ woodcarvings are not available as complimentary samples.
  • Samples of Adornments™ lineal mouldings are available for sale — minimum 1' lengths.

How do I get pricing and lead times for White River products?

Prompt shipment on most stock items — 5 business days. Contact your local White River Dealer for specific lead times and delivery arrangements.

How do I locate a local dealer?

The White River™ brand is sold thru a 500-dealer network nationally and abroad. White River™ Dealers can be located on our website under "Find a Dealer" or by contacting a White River™ Representative.

How do I become a White River Hardwoods Distributor or Dealer?

White River™ sells through stocking distributors. Distributors are required to maintain an inventory of White River products and sell to retail dealers exclusively. To become a Dealer, contact White River to locate a Distributor in your area.

What types of wood species do you offer?

  • Mon Reale®, Ornamentally Embossed™, and Traditional Mouldings are stocked in Poplar; a small selection of Ornamentally Embossed™ and Traditional Mouldings are stocked in Red Oak as denoted.
  • Authentic Handcarved® woodcarvings are available in Lindenwood.
  • Adornments for Cabinetry and Furniture™ are available in Maple and Cherry.
  • Custom species are available upon request — ask your White River™ representative for more information on custom species, design, and work.

Does White River Hardwoods do custom work?

In some instances, custom work, a larger profile, a historic moulding, or a specific species is required. Custom work is available for both hardwood mouldings and woodcarvings. Ask your White River representative for more information about custom work.

What is a typical lead time for stock items and custom Items?

  • Prompt shipment — 5 Business Days — Most Stock Products.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for any custom hardwood mouldings and 5-6 weeks for custom woodcarvings.
  • Orders up to 9' can ship FedEx ground or overnight. All others ship LTL.
  • When planning your installation, please be sure to allow enough time for any custom work to be delivered.

Click here for Shipping and Freight Policy.

Do you offer Design Services?

Yes, Design Services are available — Both Billable and Complimentary Assistance from White River's Professional In-House Designers. Elevations, Perspective Drawings, Architectural Specifications. Click here for more information.

Please contact us at 1.800.558.0119 or email us at with any design questions you may have — Build-ups, Stacking, Proportionality, Combinations, Designability.

What lengths are available in your hardwood mouldings? Is there a minimum order?

  • Mon Reale®, Ornamentally Embossed™, and Traditional Hardwood Mouldings are produced from domestic lumber that is 65% 12' — 16' lengths, allowing the production of stock mouldings in long lengths (overall 3' - 16'). There is no minimum order, but 3' is the smallest we produce.
  • Hand carved Lineals are produced from domestic lumber that is 8' lengths. Any order over 8' may include 2 pieces that equal 8'. Requesting all 8' pieces is subject to a 10% up-charge.

Lengths can be specified for an upcharge. Ask you local Distributor or Dealer for pricing.

What mouldings can I use for curved applications?

  • All of White River™ Hardwoods mouldings and many of the handcarvings are available in UltraFlex™.
  • UltraFlex™ is a syntactic polyurethane compound with a composition similar to wood. It installs and may be handled just like wood.
  • UltraFlex™ may be painted or stained. UltraFlex™ is ordered on a "per order" basis and made specifically to your specifications. Click here to view image of stained ultraflex.
  • Ultraflex™ perfect for arches over windows and doors as well as curved walls and other curved applications.
  • Ultra-Flex™ moulding is available for curved applications and is produced in lengths from 5' - 12'. There is no minimum, but the minimum order is 5'.

Can you stain Poplar?

Absolutely! Stain, glaze, or paint. We precision machine our complete line of mouldings from solid, clear Poplar. Poplar will accept stain to match Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Maple, Birch, Walnut and many other hardwoods.

Can I use White River™ products for my exterior?

White River™ products are designed for interior use only. However, products may be used for exterior applications as long as they are protected from the elements and sealed and finished appropriately.

What is Lindenwood?

Lindenwood is an excellent hardwood that White River has selected for its Authentic Handcarved™ collection. Lindenwood is comparable to Basswood in color and grain.

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