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Ornate Frames from ValCo Ornate Frames

Ornate Frames from ValCo Ornate Frames

White River Hardwoods Frame Partner - Valco

Val's first collection of standardized designs for custom picture frames is now available at You can also follow him on Instagram @ ValCo_Ornate_Frames. 

A few months ago, veteran business owner Val Schafer from Maryland shared with the White River team a few custom frames he had designed using White River ornate mouldings for his customers' artwork. We were impressed by his artistic vision, finishing techniques, as well as his passion for his craft. We are excited to share some of these one-of-a-kind frames in a gallery on our website. His creative work blurs the lines between frame and art. We hope you enjoy his ornate frames as much as we do.  

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Val Schaefer - April 20, 2022

Thank you! It’s an honor to grace the pages of such an outstanding company. When I saw your product, my creative energy went off the charts. Once I had my hands on the ornamental wood, I could really appreciate the crisp and proud lines within each moulding design… It sent my creativity into overdrive.

Proud to have you as a staple in our standardized line of ornate custom frame moulding lineup! With White River’s fine craftsmanship and custom profile options, the sky is the limit. You’ve already brought our frames to the next level.

Thank you,

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