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White River Hardwoods Millwork Design Services

Upsell Renovations with Custom Millwork

Whether your client is looking for a complete home remodel or some smaller upgrades, custom millwork options are excellent upsells that increase the value of any home. Crafted, custom millwork recommendations will quickly distinguish you as an interior designer who is committed to adding warmth and skilled beauty to every project. How can you upsell your client's renovation project to include custom millwork? Here are some impressive suggestions.

Crown and Cove Molding

Crown molding is the most common example of custom millwork and can be found in homes of all ages. Wall and crown molding naturally raise the eyes upward and draw attention to the height of the room. Crown molding is a great upgrade to suggest to clients who are not replacing flooring but want to add sophistication to their space. Wainscoating helps to protect walls and hide existing blemishes while providing decorative value.  

The below installation videos demonstrates how when architecturally correct mouldings are combined they can create a beautiful interior space for a homewoner.

White River Job Site Installation

Thomas Browns Home Theater Installation using White River Specialty Mouldings and Carvings.

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Coffered Ceilings

If your client wants to add architectural interest to their room, installing a coffered ceiling will be a welcome addition. Coffered ceilings create the illusion of space and introduce texture to a large, plain room. Constructed from a variety of wood options, the coffers can be plain beams or ornate embellishments that create a focal point. Reputable custom millwork companies fabricate coffers in custom shops, reducing the installation time for your client.  

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Impress upon your client that no kitchen or bath renovation is complete without custom millwork details. Custom cabinetry maximizes the client's space and allows them to personalize the storage and style to their needs. Built-in refrigerator cabinets hide unsightly appliances and adds instant aesthetic value.

Elegant, custom-built bathroom vanities make a big difference, especially in small bathroom spaces. Not only do they turn eyes, but they can be sized to fit small or awkward bathrooms.

Media Centers and Storage Solutions

In smaller homes, storage is always at a premium. Most remodels aim to maximize space while adding elegance and style. Custom millwork can help accomplish this goal. Custom-built cabinetry, storage solutions, and media centers make organizing easy while upgrading and customizing the space. Built-in bookshelves are the perfect finishing touch for a home office remodel. Suggesting these types of custom millwork upgrades adds an upsell to your invoice while adding value to your client.  

When creating a design proposal for your client, consider adding components of custom millwork to increase both the price of the renovation and the value of the home.

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