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White River Hardwoods Millwork Design Services

White Oak Adds Rich Detail to a Panelled Library

By Stewart Morgan, Senior Designer White River Hardwoods

• Shallow beams, made with our Traditional cove, create a coffered ceiling system.• The frieze below the crown was custom carved and the design was taken from a motif in the rug that was to be in this room.• Quartersawn White Oak plywood was used in each panel with our Traditional lipping panel mould at the panels’ edges.• A simple wainscoat-like element was created with our  separating the panel’s rails above from the plane of White Oak below.• The base was made from 1x material with a custom base cap modified from a stock profile.• Our  Traditional casing was scaled down to 3” in width, and elliptical arches in the casing were made in our Custom Shop.• A mantel surround was created using profiles found elsewhere in the room.
The result was a warm and inviting room which the homeowner will enjoy for many years to come. While using stock profiles is more economical, adding a custom profile or two, or having the mouldings made from a custom species can give a room a personal touch that makes it your own.
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