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Munster’s Drag-u-la Car Built 1964 – Restored 2012: Episode 1

Munster’s Drag-u-la Car Built 1964 – Restored 2012: Episode 1

Recently a customer contacted White River with a unique project; assist in the restoration of a Drag-u-la car by building the coffin that gives the dragster its unique look. While many people may stop and say “is this possible?”, White River says “we can do it” and have it completed in 4 weeks. When you have access to a full-blown custom shop and experienced master craftsmen, any job can be possible. White River has a special interest in restoration work. From residential homes to old race cars – it is a similar thought process. Scale and Proportion must be considered when deciding how to best maintain the integrity of the project. The challenge is to understand the application and all specifications as this Dragula Coffin will actually house the engine and driver.

White River did research on this coffin and developed a plan on how to proceed. Full-Scales drawings and CAD was utiilized to calculate the interior dimensions and height and map out the assembly of this ornate coffin. Solid wood radius crowns, radius plywood, special decorations and many other parts had to be assembled to complete this special project.



In order to meet the demands of restoring the Drag-u-la race car coffin, White River had to consider many details. Special interest was taken in developing the lid.

White River’s Master Woodworkers sculpted the lid and appiied decorative elements, maintaining historical accuracy in every detail.

A dual radius plywood top sitting on a solid wood radius crown gives this coffin its unique shape.

Client Bio:
John Fairless is an avid collector of comic books, toys, movie memorabilia and artwork and owns The Great Escape, a collectibles company that specializes in high-end memorabilia. He has owned the Dragula for 8 years and is excited about finally restoring it. Once finished, he has plans to tour the country with the Dragula car doing Comic and Sci-Fi Conventions and displaying the car for the public to see. An extensive line of Munsters and related products will soon be availabe on his website – and via his large ebay store – Masteraddams Great Escape, where he specializes in unique and rare collectible items.

Owners Name: John Fairless

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