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How to Add Corbels To Your Decor

Corbels are an easy way to add decorative accents to your home. They make the perfect design detail and can be used in various ways, from being just another accent or becoming the focal point for your entire room! This blog post will explore some popular corbel designs that you may want to use as inspiration when designing your own space.

Here are 5 ways to use corbels in your next project!

The possibilities are endless with corbels. A popular design choice among architects, designers, and homeowners and can be made of wood, plaster, urethane, and other materials. Corbels can be used in various ways: as decorative brackets to place over a range, to create an overhang above window frames or doors, or underneath upper kitchen cabinets or around your kitchen island, so they can provide support. The possibilities are endless with corbels.

#1 - Integrate Corbels into the design of your Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is such an essential piece of any design, and corbels can support the structure. It's best to use them between counters to support both sides evenly. All corbels should be at least half of the depth of the overhang or ¾ inch. This will give you better results

White River Hardwoods Corbels

#2 - Add Corbels into the design of your Fireplace Mantel

Decorative corbels can transform a simple mantel shelf into a work of art. To get to this look, you do not need to be a master craftsman or designer; you can buy the required corbels from If you are going to use a corbel to support the shelf, make sure that it is at least two-thirds the depth of the shelf.

White River Hardwoods Corbels

#3 - Add Corbels into the design of your Range Hood

Using a corbel over an oven range makes a dramatic statement. Pick a corbel style that matches your current kitchen style, or add a corbel that adds a touch of fancifulness to a more basic kitchen. Once you have chosen a corbel, measure the width of your existing range hood and compare it to the maximum depth at which the corbel can be set.

White River Company offers over 50 styles of decorative corbels available in many different sizes and species. To view the entire collection of Corbels click here.

White River Hardwoods Corbels

#4 - Use Corbels Underneath Cabinets

A row of cabinets is a standard way to complete the look of your kitchen, but it can be challenging to find something that will stand out from all those squares. Corbels add unique detail beneath the cabinet line, and many styles are available in different sizes for whatever you're looking for - casual or ornate.

Paint or stain the corbels to complement your cabinetry and add matching woodcarvings and mouldings to complete your signature look.

White River Hardwoods Corbels

#5 - Use Corbels to hold up Shelves

Adding corbels can add depth and charm to your shelves. You can paint them unfinished or stain them if you buy them prefinished. If you want an extra decorative touch in your kitchen, add mouldings and carvings that match the wood. These will really stand out with their depth, making them an eye-catching element of your decor. If you want something more casual, just paint or stain them.

White River Hardwoods Corbels

A corbel must account for 70% of the overall depth of a shelf to provide stability and support.

If you are considering a corbel for your next design project, we have plenty of options to consider. Browse our extensive selection and find the perfect match for whatever aesthetic or style you're trying to achieve in your home. You can also contact us at if you want more information about how they work! It would be our pleasure to help ensure that every detail is perfect when it comes time to put the finishing touches on your new space.

Hand Carved Woodcarvings Corbels and Brackets

                              Article written by Richard Enriquez,                               Director of Marketing & eCommerce

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