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A Customized Stock Mantel with a Big Personality

A Customized Stock Mantel with a Big Personality

In this project, the customer liked our stock MAN9021mantel, but it was too short for his fireplace opening. This is not an unusual problem with our stock mantels, but there is an easy solution. Along with the stock mantel, we provided the customer with custom plynth blocks to raise the overall mantel height to the appropriate dimension. With no existing hearth (and a desire to continue not having a hearth), something else had to fill the space where a hearth is usually expected. So our FR8965 Rinceau scrolls frieze was used, in an atypical fashion, creating detail where the hearth would in a typical design. An egg and dart panel mould, trimming the edge of the firebox, gave a touch of ornament to the interior of the mantel. Finally, this was all finished with a Traditional baseboard which wrapped the entire bottom of the piece.


The result is a lavish French style mantel with a lot of depth and character to replace the flat, demure mantel that was there before. So even if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, it quite possibly could be customized to your needs.

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