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Tambour Care Instructions

Storage & Handling

• Flexible Wood Tambour is intended for interior use only and is not designed for wet areas or locations with high humidity such as showers, bathrooms, or pools.

• Upon receipt of material, tambour panels must be stored in a controlled environment and should be allowed 24 to 48 hours to acclimate. This is best done with the panels lying flat on a horizontal surface.

• Prior to installation or shop finishing, tambour panels should be lightly rolled/unrolled to flex the backing sheet. Hold for 5+ seconds in rolled position before returning to flat.


• Flexible wood tambour panels can be finished using standard wood finishing techniques, either before or after installation.

• Panels can be allowed to roll or “slump” slightly to allow finish to reach between wood slats.


• Flexible Wood Tambour panels can be installed vertically or horizontally and should be dry-fit prior to applying adhesive.

• Be sure the substrate/wall surface is clean from any debris/dirt/dust/grease. • Install tambour panels only in a controlled environment (standard room temperature/humidity).

• Off-the-shelf PVA, contact adhesive, Epoxy, or high-quality panel adhesives such as TiteBond Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive may be used.

• If using panel adhesive, troweled-on, full-coverage (80-100%) to within ¼” of panel edge is recommended. If applying with a caulk gun, include continuous bead around perimeter as well as horizontal beads every 4-6”.

• Clean/remove any excess adhesive to prevent “spill-over” from getting on the face of the tambour slats.

• For best results, test a small area for proper adhesions prior to full installation.

• Trim screws or nails can be used at the customer’s discretion.

• Apply full and firm pressure over the entire panel to ensure continuous bond. A ¾” thick sacrificial board should be used when tapping/hammering the tambour panel in place.

• Adjacent panels should not be butted against one another too tightly, as some minor movement in service is expected.

• Do not mount/fasten furniture or cabinetry through tambour panels to the wall. Movement of the furniture or cabinetry can cause buckling or improper fit/adhesion of the tambour panels and will void warranty.

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