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Prefinished Deco Mouldings - March 2018

Contemporary & Traditional profiles that are complementary. A modern color palette offering the look and feel of real wood and real metal finishes. Offering 20 profiles in 7 shapes and 6 finishes. The Deco Moulding Collection offers the ability to stack profiles, create chairrails and even combine colors to create dynamic, sophisticated looks. A modern color palette offering the look & feel of real wood & metal finishes.Available in 16’ lengths. Dealer Inquiries welcome. Contact Ben Johnson at  Download complete brochure by clicking here.

• Brushed Bronze • Black Stained
• Brushed Aluminum • Natural Walnut
• White Painted • Dark Ash  

Affordability - Time Savings

Deco Mouldings, once installed and with minimal touch-up, allow you to bypass the sanding, priming, sanding, painting stages of finishing. This process can be 1/3 of the cost of moulding installation. Once installed, the job is done and time and money are saved.

Perfect Fit

Deco Mouldings are manufactured with precision machine setup, creating profiles that are a perfect fit with each miter or seam. Consistent graining like an expensive wood grain, allows seams to be less visible after installation. Photo on right shows Deco6 fitting
perfectly into Deco5.


Traditional & Contemporary
The Deco Moulding Collection offers profiles for both traditional and contemporary styles for today’s interiors.




• Made from natural fibers and 95% recycled products
• Composite mouldings entirely made in Canada
• Prefinished - touch up only
• Termite and moisture resistant
• No maintenance needed
• Fire rated UL


Easy to Install

Our Deco Mouldings install with standard woodworking
tools and skills, though even easier.
• Miter Saw with 44 teeth, thin kerf blade
• Nail gun with headless pin nails
• Silicone adhesive and touch-up paints
• Touch-up paints

Durability, Stability & Moisture Resistant

Manufactured from 91% reprocessed polystyrene, these mouldings are hardened, do not dent easily, and are completely stable.

The polyester film is applied with heat and pressure, bonding with the face of the profile for permanent attachment.

It will not lift off. Polystyrenes are weather, moisture, and termite resistant.







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