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Metal Wood

White River Hardwoods offers 7 Fabulous Finishes in MetalWood™ for all of our beautiful hardwood mouldings and hand-carved woodcarvings. MetalWood™ comes in real-metal finishes and provides the authentic look and feel of metal. There is no expensive, time-consuming faux finishing to be done on the jobsite. These Fabulous Finishes are especially well-suited for Mon Reale® mouldings and our Authentic Hand-Carved® Woodcarvings.


Metalwood Finishes by LuminOre®


 FR8923METAL White Bronze

A proprietary metal developed by LuminOre Inc., White Bronze resembles smoked chrome, and is the only metal in the LuminOre product line that resist agining and tarnishing. 4” samples available.  


PM8557METAL Copper With Patina 

For nearly five millennia, copper was the only metal known to man and, thus, was used for all metal applications. With LuminOre, copper enjoys a rebirth and renaissance, as cost and weight are no longer a prohibitive factor for its application. LuminOre Copper is indistinguishable from solid cast copper. 4” samples available.    



FR8957METAL Bronze With Patina 

Durable and classically beautiful, LuminOre Bronze possesses all the physical properties of solid cast bronze yet its composite matrix gives it the added benefit of being anti-corrosive – in other words, even after years of use and exposure to the elements there will be no corrosion, just a beautiful patina. 4” samples available.  



CM8823METAL Nickel Silver With Patina 

An alloy typically composed of copper, nickel and zinc, Nickel-Silver is widely used for house wares, flatware and cutlery, and as the metal substrate for silver-plated goods. With our cold-spray application, LuminOre Nickel-Silver is indistinguishable from foundry-cast nickel-silver and introduces the impressive silvery metal to thousands of new possible uses. 4” samples available. 


CM8823METAL Iron With Rust Patina

Manifest your creative vision with the dramatic impact of genuine iron. Unless lifted or placed on a scale to determine weight, LuminOre Iron is indistinguishable from solid-cast iron. LuminOre Iron possesses all the characteristics of foundry-cast iron, and is indiscernible to touch and sight when compared to the solid metal. 4” samples available. 


The MetalWood™ Process

1. Mouldings and/or woodcarvings are prepared to accept the metal coating and to ensure complete adhesion to the surface.

2.The LuminOre® Metal is applied by hand using a cold-spray process and cured.

3.Each moulding and/or woodcarving is carefully sanded and polished to the desired luster, to bring out the unique metal finish.

4.The patina aging process is hand applied.

5.A durable, ceramic clear coat is applied.


MetalWood™ Installation 

MetalWood should be installed by using an adhesive, not nails. This will allow the finish to be free of nail holes which require repair. The moldings can be cut to fit using a standard shop saw, with a well sharpened blade. 


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