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Designs by Peter Salerno: The Versatility of Corbels — Part II

Welcome to White River's™ Design Corner, showcasing Design Solutions from award-winning Master Designer, Peter Salerno. In this edition, part 2 of 2, Peter illustrates several applications for corbels in other areas of the home.

1. Corbels can be functional elements for the support of:

  • Mantels
  • Archways & Door Headers
  • Valances
  • Beams
  • Shelving
  • Cabinetry

1-A Mantel Shelf
Corbel: CRV5097, Crown: CM8820
Frieze: FR8920, Center: CRV5040

1-B Mantel Leg
Corbel: CRV5091
Jobsite Mantel: MAN8102

1-C To support an Archway
Corbel: CRV5097

1-D To support an Elliptical Opening
Casing: CA302, BB153 Corbel: CRV5092

1-E Crown: CM8810, Panel Mould: PM8520 
Carvings: CRV5055, CRV5066, CRV5069 Corbel: CRV5121

2. Designing with Corbels in the Home

Corbels need to support the rooms' other mouldings and wood applications. If crown mouldings, panel mouldings, adornments, capitals, plynths and rosettes are used, the corbels need to have the same or similar carving details, such as acanthus leaves, florals, grapevines, flutes and shells. White River™ has a range of corbels that start with the simplicity of a mission corbel and go to the beautifully aesthetic Bellflower corbels. Can different corbels be used in the same room? Yes, within reason — corbels should have a common thread. For example, an acanthus corbel will work with a bellflower corbel, but a grapevine corbel may be a bit too strong with the bellflower — both would be making big theme statements. If the designer uses crown, panel mouldings, and adornments in the same project, the carving details should be similar.

1-F To support Beams
Beam: CR882, FR8956
Corbel: CRV5110

1-G To support Shelving
Crown: MLD5848, Corbel: CRV5100

1-H To enhance Cabinetry
Valance Crown: MLD5860, MLD5868 Valance: RH6080
Cabinetry Crown: MLD5864 w/ MLD6002, MLD5914, Top Corbels: CRV5121
Bottom Corbels: CRV5120, Rosette: CRV5590

3. Ways to Modify Corbels

To maximize the versatility of corbels, items such as crowns, friezes, and plynths can be added.

  1. This scrolled corbel (CRV5116) is embellished with a panel mould (MLD5966) and a decorative crown (MLDMLD5844)
  2. A Mission corbel (CRV5102) is given added width, height, and depth with a simple crown (MLD5869)
  3. Corbels (CRV5098) can form a large bracket by meeting at a decorative point (CRV5614, CRV5618, Crown — MLD5864 w/ MLD6002)
  4. A corbel (CRV5194) is given added depth and a decorative bottom edge with a plinth block (CRV5149, Crown — CM8820)

4. Corbels from White River™

Corbels need to complement the style of the mantel, mouldings in the room, and cabinetry. White River has a range of corbels — from a simplistic mission design to a beautiful bellflower motif.

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