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Creating Furniture in the Kitchen

Welcome to White River's™Design Corner, showcasing Design Solutions from award-winning Master Designer, Peter Salerno. In this edition Peter addresses two tough elements — pantries and wall ovens — and shows you how to create beautiful furniture.

Decorative Details that Make a Statement:

  • Mouldings
  • Onlays
  • Pilasters
  • Corbels
  • Capitals, Lineals & Plynths
  • Feet

Creating Furniture in the Kitchen

Option #1 - Crown: MLD5844, MLD5848 Rosette: CRV5178 Center: CRV5048, Parting Strip: MLD6024 Pilaster: MLD5830R, Plynth: MLD5975, MLD6000, MLD1x4.5

Option #2 - Crown: MLD5868, MLD5980 Rosette: CRV5185 Parting Strip: MLD6024 Pilaster: MLD5830T Plynth: MLD5869, MLD1x4.5

1. Wall Oven Concepts

Transform a wall oven into a tall furniture piece by using handcarved scrolls and rosettes. Frame the oven with traditional capitals and large reeded pilasters, or design an open shelf above the wall ovens and pantries to give the cabinet more dimension and interest!

Rosettes from White River™ - Find more

Oven Concepts

Option #1 - Custom Pediment, Crown: MLD5842 Parting Strip: MLD6024, Scrolls: CRV5634, Knob: CRV5036 Pull: CRV5032, Panel Mould: MLD5940, Feet: FT6266

Option #2 - Crown: MLD5848, Rosettes: CRV5169 Frieze: MLD5900, Corbel: CRV5121 Baseboard: MLD5975, MLD6000, DS1x6, MLD6028

2. Pantry Concepts

A pantry does not have to look like a tall box - it can look like an elegant piece of furniture with great storage capabilities. Add carved mouldings, decorative onlays, and carved feet to create even greater elegance. Use shallow corbels - if the corbel over projects, it can become overpowering and disproportional. Keep corbel depths to under 3."

Onlays from White River™ - Find more

Option #1 - Crown: CR830

Option #2 - Crown: MLD5840, MLD5982 Capital: CRV5133, Pilaster: CA327 Plynth: CRV5149, Baseboard: MLD5974, MLD1x4.5, MLD6026

3. Capitals, Lineals and Plynths

Capitals, Lineals & Plynths take a large rectangular cabinet and convert it into an elegant addition to a kitchen. A pantry or oven cabinet may not be the main focal point of a kitchen, but with the addition of some carved elements, it will support and complete the room's final design.

Capitals, Lineals, Plynths and Feet from White River™ - Find more

Option #1 - Crown: MLD5868, Feet: FT6295

Option #2 - Crown: MLD5868, Frieze: MLD5902 Feet: FT6294

4. Ornate Friezes

A frieze is used to make a statement; it is bold and sets the theme of the kitchen. Functionally it bridges the gap from a standard cabinet to a tall ceiling.

Corbels and Mouldings from White River™ - Find more

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