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Corbels - Kitchen Applications

Welcome to White River's™ Product Spotlight, showcasing Design Solutions utilizing White River products. In this edition, we illustrate multiple applications for kitchen corbels. In part 2, we will detail corbel applications for mantels, window valances, furniture, and other cabinet applications. 

1. Corbels can be functional elements for the support of: 

  • Wall Cabinets
  • Counter Tops
  • Cooktops
  • Rangehoods
  • Bars
  • Sinks
  • Islands
  • Around Refrigerators

1-A Under Wall Cabinet Crown: MLD5868, Panel Mould: MLD5956 Corbel under Cabinet: CRV5104

1-B Under Counter Top Corbel: CRV5121, Pilaster: PM569 Corbel: CRV5230

1-C Around a Cooktop Corbel: CRV5121, Pilaster: PM569 Base Moulding: B469, Feet: FT6272

1-D Under Range Hood LCD: MLD5868 & MLD5920 RH: MLD5868, RH6084, MLD6024, Corbel: CRV5114

2. Corbels used for Aesthetic Value:

Corbels not only serve a practical purpose, they also add a tremendous visual value to kitchens, baths and architectural woodworking.

3. Proportionality:

A Designer needs to be sure that the scale of the corbels complements the size of the cabinet that they are being applied to. Sometimes designers are intimidated by large corbels and tend to undersize them. Corbels set the tone for the kitchen or bath. A larger corbel will bring attention to an island. In the kitchen, a corbel:  serves a real function — it holds up a counter top overhang; but at the same time, it makes a statement of style and importance.

The right size is based on the designers' message. If the kitchen's message is "harmony," the designer can choose a more common size corbel  around 10" - 15." On the other hand, if the designer wants a 9' island to say, "Look at me!" and make a grand statement, then an 18" - 30" corbel will accomplish that goal.

1-E Under A Bar Panel Mould: MLD5928, Corbel: CRV5205, Base Moulding: B469

1-F Around a Sink Corbel: CRV5238 Base Moulding: PM8535, B401, PM529

1-G On the Corner of an Island Corbel: CRV5253, Baseboard: B463

1-H On sides of Refrigerator Crown: MLD5848, Frieze: MLD5926 Corbel: CRV5120, Pilaster: CA327

4. Theme — It's All in the Details:

The corbel size will set the tone of the kitchen. But what sets the theme of the kitchen is the corbel's details. A corbel that has Acanthus Leaves gives a very different feel than one that has a fluted face. When a designer identifies the client's preferences — Cherry or Maple, stained or painted, contemporary or traditional — these choices will drive the design process into a direction where the room's theme will be defined. When this occurs, the designer can start fitting the room with the proper detail, scale and definition.

5. Adding Depth:

Corbels also have different depths. Shallower corbels have an important aesthetic value. A corbel that is 1 3/4" - 3 1/2" deep can be placed on the face of a cabinet or on the front of a pilaster where it makes a design statement that it is not overpowering or an obstacle. 

White River's Corbel Collection  

White River's Corbel Collection offers over 77 handcarved profiles in Maple, Cherry and Lindenwood ( limited profiles ). This Collection features complimentary sized corbels and popular motifs like acanthus, mission and traditional plus innovative designs including classic and scrolled are offered. Corbels offer architectural detail for the entire project from millwork details to kitchen cabinetry, islands, rangehoods, mantels and transforming specialty cabinetry into furniture. Availability of in-stock profiles by species are noted by pricing per item. These profiles ship unfinished and can stain or paint. Custom quotes of other species or sizes available upon request. 

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