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Classic Elegance in the Kitchen


Objective: To create a functional kitchen with multiple work stations and carry the formality of the home into the new kitchen.

Designer: Peter Salerno, CMKBD

The first view into the kitchen is the stove area. Therefore, the designer concentrated on making the cabinets and mantel a dramatic piece of furniture. These are the only cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, so the height gives a feeling of grandeur.

The pot drawers on either side of the commercial stove were designed to look like furniture pieces with acanthus columns.

The mantel is supported by two large carved corbels which flank a scrolled acanthus facia.

The sink area needed an element to break the straight line of the base cabinets. The designer pulled the sink base forward and added a split column on each end of the base cabinet. This gives the wall interest by drawing attention to the sink base and creating depth. Further interest is added over the window by adding similar scrolls and carved corbels as seen in other areas of the kitchen. 

As a Master Kitchen designer, Peter Salerno knows how to create one-of-a-kind kitchens. In this particular design, the overall layout gave the home owners the functionality they craved, as multiple cooks can be working in the kitchen at once. Peter's material and accessory choices elevated this kitchen to designer status: hand-carved elements, a sophisticated color palate, and a perfect balance between feminine and masculine features.

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