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Weathered 100 Year Oak Barn Wood For Sale - 1,800 BF -$7,200 - Selling Now

Have you been looking for old barn wood? It is hard to locate any quantity, if any at all! With rich, tight grain structure and deep color variations, old, aged barn wood adds character to a variety of interiors, in today’s designs. White River has the opportunity to sell approx. 1800 bf of barn wood from a sheep barn built over 100 years ago in rural Washington County, Arkansas. Read the story behind this lumber below.

Lumber is sold as a whole, not small loads. You will need to arrange transportation to pick up at the resident's location in Washington County, Arkansas.

Contact Joan Johnson at White River at 1-800-558-0119 ext.105 or on her mobile at 479-409-8400 or by email at joanjohnson@whiteriver.com for additional information.

- The Story of this Barn Wood -

Seeking reclaimed barn wood, antique barn boards can be challenging, but here's a tale to be told.

In early 1900, Colonel Jack Biggs built a sheep barn in rural Fayetteville, Arkansas. The barn was used to raise sheep for food and income for his family for over 70 years and then became vacated.

The barn stood until it was slowly started falling down in the 1980s. By 2018 a local doctor had the barn disassembled, and the aged wooden planks that had the nails were removed were sorted by size and have been stored ever since.

The land where the barn stood is now a famed golf course called Paradise Valley and now is not so rural in Fayetteville, AR. This well taken care of reclaimed White Oak lumber is a one-time sale, sold as a lot.

With its 1800 bf and many shapes and sizes, this could add so much to a project. This can be used as-is or planed or sanded to show the aged graining of antique barn wood.

See below photos and product page for size sorts and the list of the lumber sizes and amounts. Also included are two full-size doors and two half doors. This is mainly White Oak with a few other species within the boards.

Photos & Details

Barn Wood Details

Size Length Pieces / Notes

2 X 4



2 X 4



2 X 4



408 BF Total

2 X 6

assorted 3-8


2 X 6



2 X 6


24 - nails still in boards

573 BF Total

1 X 4



1 X 4

1 1/2 - 3 1/2


1/2 X 2 1/2

2 1/2


352 BF Total

1/2 X 3

3 1/2


3/4 X 6



153 BF Total

1 X 7



1 X 7

2 1/2


1 X 7



400 BF Total

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