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About Us

White River was founded by Bruce and Joan Johnson in the mid-'70s when the typical American home was finished with simple mouldings. White River Hardwoods created a product line of traditional hardwood mouldings that launched the market for decorative millwork. Their Poplar and Red Oak stain-grade mouldings, based on classical rules of balance and proportion, were a refreshing deviation from the paint-grade softwoods that had dominated the market for decades. Building on their success, the Johnsons introduced two more best-selling lines — Ornamentally Embossed™ hardwood mouldings and Mon Reale® highly sculptured mouldings.

White River's market share grew steadily throughout the '80s as architects, designers, and consumers rediscovered classical motifs and embellished mouldings. By 1990, White River's network distribution spanned 50 states and 27 countries. White River continued to expand its markets with handcarved product collections — Authentic Handcarved® and Adornments for Cabinetry and Furniture™. Always the innovator and educator, White River maintained its commitment to technology by aligning with 20-20 Technologies and Planit Solutions to develop design software to create 3D renderings in crisp, clear color.

White River is your OneSource moulding manufacturer that continues to listen to its customers —  trade and homeowners across the country who look to White River™ for elegant hardwood mouldings and hand-carved woodcarvings.

Our Mission

Beautifully Made | Made Easy

When you really think about it, it's the fine touches. The intricate details. These all add up to make a home both artistically inspiring and warmly welcoming. That's why we place such importance on exceptional design and precision craftsmanship on our hardwood mouldings and handcarved architectural woodcarvings. You truly can have it all — let White River™ turn your dream into your well appointed interior.

For over three decades, we have worked to elevate classic architectural motifs in our mouldings and handcarved woodcarvings. As a design leader and visionary, we have established ourselves in the marketplace as the "One Source" for classic architectural millwork solutions for remodeling projects, new construction and restoration projects. This has been achieved by offering a truly complete and unique line of elegant millwork selections — all backed by consistent product availability, superior specification technology, and a host of affordable design options. Whether you are a homeowner, an interior designer or a builder, White River™ offers thoughtful solutions that ensure architectural excellence, steadfast quality, and enduring beauty.

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