20-20 Technologies e-Catalog

20 20 technologies

White River and 20-20 Technologies have developed a software design solution to ease the specification process. Through this collaboration, you will be able to create 3D color renderings with remarkable detail and clarity that save you and your client money. Each product featured in our 20-20 catalog has been meticulously scanned to provide and unparallel level of detail.


To access White River's, 20-20 Technologies Inc. product catalogue for 20-20 Design, you must have version 6.4 or higher. If you do not have this version, please contact 20-20 Technologies or visit their website at www.2020technologies.com.

2007 White River Catalog

(Compatible with Design 6.4 or later.)


2010 White River Catalog, with new additional products

(Compatible with Design 8.1 or later.)


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