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Larry Denton of Larry Denton Construction

Larry Denton of Larry Denton Construction

Fort Smith, Arkansas. “White River’s uniqueness comes from their professional posture that they possess. They have the ability to evaluate a project and present a design package that is consistent with the design or style of the architecture. They produce a design package and provide drawings that allow for a precise and speedy execution in the field. Their personal attention to details insures the product will meet the expectations of the builder, homeowner, and architect. The attention to detail and quality is superb. When it is the best, what else can be said? The product meets and exceeds expectations. I have used other trim suppliers and I have not found one yet that matches the quality and precision of White River’s products.

As mentioned earlier, the design capabilities, coupled with the computer drawings, make it much easier to execute a complex project with ease. Their detailing of special areas where things get complicated and their 3-D perspectives help paint the picture that is worth a thousand words. With all the custom homes that I have done in the past, the homeowners have been elated with the trim package. I definitely would recommend White River to any colleague or friend that I know without any hesitation. Everyone that I have had dealings with at White River was very professional and very helpful. I have no problem with you using my name and city on your website. As a matter of fact, I would feel honored. Keep up the good work and I enjoy doing business with you.” –Larry Denton

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