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Ira Schwartzman of Ira Schwartzman

Ira Schwartzman of Ira Schwartzman

Construction, Winslow, Arkansas. “I have worked with White River Hardwoods for the past 15 years, and their sales people have always been very knowledgeable about how to best get me the product that I desire. They have always spent a lot of time on the detail work up front, and the quality of their work has always been excellent. Before any project was sent to the shop, I received a detailed drawing showing me what would be manufactured. This always helped me verify that I would be receiving the finished product as I had intended it to be. I would definitely recommend White River Hardwoods, and I have done so many times in the past for mouldings, custom doors, and Design Services.” –Ira Schwartzman
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