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Medallón de techo (se adapta a marquesinas de hasta 1 3/8"), 24 3/4" DE 1 3/8" DI x 3 1/4" P

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Las colecciones de medallones para techos de uretano de White River se modelan a partir de patrones y diseños históricos originales. Nuestros artesanos luego tallan a mano una pieza original. Al estar tallada a mano, cada pieza está ricamente detallada con relieve profundo, líneas nítidas y un toque verdaderamente único. Esa obra maestra se usa luego para crear un molde maestro. Una vez que se crea el molde maestro, usamos nuestra espuma de uretano de alta densidad para formar cada medallón. El aspecto final es una pieza central bellamente detallada, liviana y de construcción sólida. La semejanza con los medallones de yeso originales se logra solo usando nuestro uretano de alta densidad y no medallones de tipo "plástico" formados al vacío. - Los medallones se pueden cortar con herramientas de carpintería estándar para agregar un orificio para la cubierta eléctrica o para un ventilador de techo. - Los medallones son livianos para una fácil instalación. - Están completamente imprimados y listos para su pintura. Si tiene alguna pregunta, sientase con libertad de preguntar. Estos están en stock y disponibles para envío inmediato.

  • Modelado a partir de patrones y diseños históricos originales.
  • Uretano sólido para una máxima durabilidad y detalle
  • Ligero para una instalación rápida y fácil
  • Preparado de fábrica y listo para pintar o dar un acabado falso
  • Se puede cortar, taladrar, pegar o atornillar
  • Se puede utilizar en el interior o el exterior.

Products can only be returned with prior approval and must have a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Under the following circumstances, products may not be returned for credit:

  1. Are marked on
  2. Are modified in any way
  3. Have been exposed to excessive sun or moisture
  4. Have sheetrock mud, primer, stain, "job site damage"
  5. Returned 60 days after invoice purchase date

Returns are F.O.B. Buyer and are subject to a 20% restocking charge. To receive credit for stock products, product must be received in re-sellable condition. Custom mouldings and custom woodcarvings are not returnable under any circumstances. If returned products are received damaged due to poor repackaging, no credit will be processed. It is imperative that items are not returned in their original packaging without a thorough inspection as more fill may be needed to boxes of carvings or additional wrapping for mouldings may be necessary to prevent return shipment damage. Please call  1-800-558-0119 and speak to our Customer Service Representative to request an RGA.

*Claims for packages marked "delivered" must be filed after 5 days and before 15 days from the date the package was marked "delivered." Claims for packages presumed to be lost (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed after 7 days (20 days for international) and within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

Resin - Information

• Solid wood curved mouldings can be manufactured for most of our profiles from in-stock hardwood.

• Resin mouldings can be manufactured for crown, case, base, chairrail and panel mouldings. Resin mouldings can be painted or stained and will offer a cost savings over solid wood. Many mouldings on curved wall applications are only available in flexible resins.

• The maximum length of Resins is 12’, minimum length is 5’ and all resins are sold by the whole foot (no half feet). • Resins can be used for interior and exterior work. When used as exterior trim, opulent applications can be applied with complete weatherability.

• Original resin moulds are cast from Poplar or Maple. See Price List for those available in Red Oak. Customer is responsible for mould charges if a specific profile has not been cast by White River.


CASINGS l Solid Wood or Resins

• True half-circle - inside radius or diameter

• Arch (eyebrow or segment) - inside rise and span or template

• Ellipse - template only • Profile number, species, lengths, and count

BACKBANDS l Solid Wood or Resins

• Radius on main casing that backband is to attach to

• Type of curve (arch, ellipse, or half-circle) • Profile number, species, lengths, and count

CROWNS l Solid Wood or Resins

• Is wall concave or convex? • Radius of wall

• Piece count and length of moulding needed (add for waste)

• Profile number, species, lengths, and count


• If these are used horizontally on curved walls then they will not need to be pre-cast. Only lineal footage is needed. To use as Casing, refer to Casing information.

BASEBOARDS l Resins only

• If baseboards are being used in baseboard applications or as part of a crown application on a wall, then baseboards do not need to be pre-cast to a radius. They are ordered as straight pieces and only total lineal footage is needed.

• If baseboards are used as casing or as part of a crown detail where they lay out on the ceiling (not on the wall) then the information under casing will be needed.

PANEL MOULDS l Solid Wood or Resins

• Solid wood panel mouldings can be manufactured for flat wall arch panels, clipped corners and paneled wall applications.

• If the panel mould is used with curved wall application, then straight resin moulding should be ordered.


Our resin mouldings are easy to install and finish. They are manufactured with a latex-based primer coat. This helps the finish to adhere to the profile. There are numerous finishes on the market, and many ways to apply them. There are also climatic reasons that can alter how finishes are applied and dry. Most of the time, resins can be finished with the same process as the finishing of hardwood mouldings. Please test a small sample to see that the finishes you are applying adhere.

Always test your sample before final finishing. Always apply finish to Resin/FLEX after installed as moving or bending will cause cracks in finish. Do not use catalyzed painting systems or conversions lacquers as these or similar finishing techniques may cause cracking on RESIN/FLEX products.